A Whopping Success!

and that's because of YOU

First off: Thank You. Seriously. From the bottom of our hearts, your participation in International Podcast Month 2019 meant so much, and we truly hope that you’ll consider putting your name/podcast forward to participate in IPM 2020 (more info to come early 2020).

We’ve received so much amazing informal feedback from folks talking about what they loved and what they got out of IPM. That said, it’s really important for us to collect the formal feedback, too!

We’re hoping you’ll take the four minutes that it will take for you to respond to our short participant feedback survey. All you have to do is click the button below that says “Feedback Survey”.

Feedback Survey

Questions? Contact podcastmonth@gmail.com!

Head to internationalpodcastmonth.com for the blog, transcripts, and more!